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When is the last time you played?
Playing games is a great pastime for family and friends. But it can be so much more than just a fun night. Great games help us connect, imagine and conquer in a way we often don't experience our every day lives. They make rivals out of our friends and collaborators out of our children. In short, great games create a bond with anyone you share the table with. Play more!

Argyle - back yard strategy game

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The Game Maker's Journal - mockup

The Game Maker's Journal

Making games can feel overwhelming, and it’s easy to get stuck and not know what to do next. But with the right method you can set yourself up for success by removing the guesswork out of your game creation process and actually make that game you’ve been dreaming of.

The Game Maker’s Journal is made for anyone hoping to begin making tabletop games or improve their skills. Through its pages you’ll walk through exercises that reliably turn your ideas into fun, fulfilling games even if you’ve never made one before.

It has a section to capture all your ideas in, and a system to help you choose which one is the right idea to move ahead with. Then three more sections, each dedicated to developing a single game. In each section, you’ll move through clarifying your vision of the game, details of the narrative, rules, components, design and finally, room to write down playtesting notes.

This journal is not about marketing, crowdfunding, getting published or visiting gaming conventions. It is simply about making fun games that your friends and family can’t get enough of. Get started today and begin making your gaming ideas into reality.


Battle Stations

Battle Stations!

Battle Stations! is an 18 card mini game of tactical positioning for 2 players.

It's 1942 in the North Atlantic and you're the commander of the naval fleet locked in battle with the enemy. Use any tactics necessary to outmaneuver and sink enemy vessels.

Crossfire at Cripple Creek

Crossfire at Cripple Creek

An old west game of rapid fire deduction.

Crossfire at Cripple Creek is a mashup of two classic game styles: Clue and Spoons. Cards get passed around the table as fast as possible as players try to deduce the location and weapon of an opponent. For 3-6 players. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Crossfire at Cripple Creek

Park Trails

Find your Parks, Hike your Trails, Race to the Summit!

Park Trails is a sequence building, memory game set on some of the best trails the National Parks have to offer. Will you meander on the easy trails or challenge yourself to summit the most strenuous peaks? Then again, you could just make it a driving tour. Pick your adventure and race to the top as you experience the great outdoors in Park Trails.
For 2-4 players. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Argyle - back yard strategy game


Argyle is the backyard game of area control and accuracy.

Best described as a light euro game played in your back yard, Argyle plays from 2-9 players in 2-3 teams. It lasts in about 30 minutes and is suitable for anyone from 6 years to 99.

Crossfire at Cripple Creek

Miner Mischief

You and your secret investor are trying to lay claim to tunnels and mines filled with gems and ores through carefully maneuvering and positioning. But watch out, the competition is ready to jump your claim at a moments notice.

2-3 Players, 20+ minutes

Crossfire at Cripple Creek

Peloponnesus: League of City States

You are a noble in ancient Greece, trying to turn a fledgling group of towns into the most powerful league of city states in Peloponnesus. You must compete with other nearby nobles with the same goal, competing for resources to complete your cities and at times even resorting to military action in order to maintain your superiority.

This set-collecting, city-drafting game is for 2-4 players and takes 30-45 minutes to play.


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